Barking - Gospel Oak Rail User Group
Press Releases
20-March-2019   Steam special due on 23-March
8-March-2019   Crunch Time!
8-Feb-2019   TfL Kicks the Can Down the Road
10-Oct-2018   New Trains Start Rolling at Last!
10-Oct-2018   Can't Take the Train Crush?
10-Sep-2018   Rail Users Stand by their Claim!
30-Aug-2018   Commuters Delayed up to 45 mins by Meltdown on London Overground's Misery Line
2-July-2018   TfL Committment Lasts just 6 Weeks!
25-June-2018   New Overground Trains - The Wait Goes On!
30-May-2018   Train Boss Guarantees - Ghost Trains!
17-May-2018   3 Days To Go - No Timetable!
6-Feb-2017   Rail Disruption to Continue as Electrification Project Overruns
19-Sep-2016   It's The Last Train To Gospel Oak!
12-Sep-2016   5-Month Local Overground Closure Starts in 2 weeks!
8-June-2016   The last Train's Gone!
31-May-2016   So Much for the Fares Freeze!
23-May-2016   Last Saturday Trains Until Next Year
25-Apr-2016   Rail Line Closure Fares Confusion, TfL Gives Some Clarity
20-Apr-2016   Will Your Fare Increase When The Line Closes?
4-Apr-2016   No More Weekend Trains on Local Overground Line
15-Dec-2015   December, 2015 News Round-up
13-Oct-2015   Green Light for Electric Trains at Last!
10-Aug-2015   Stay Clear of Victoria Line Disruption!
6-July-2015   Passengers Snubbed by Rail Bosses!
19-June-2015   BGORUG COMMENT ON TfL Press Release
26-May-2015   Commuters' Dreams Turn to Nightmares!
13-Jan-2015   Bus strike delays rail users
4-July-2014   Rail Users Mourn Loss of Dedicated Transport Campaigner
16-Dec-2013   Christmas 2013, Check Your Trains Before You Travel!
3-July-2013   Buses to Replase Trains This Sunday Between Barking & Gospel Oak
28-June-2013   Barking Station Manager Promises Improvements
20-June-2013   Chancellor Lobbied For Urgent 25M Local Railway Investment
3-June-2013   Rail Users Score Local Successes, Electrification Campaign Boost
22-May-2013   Spring Bank Holiday Rail Travel in NE London
31-Mar-2013   No Joy for Crushed Commuters in the Budget
28-Mar-2013   No Engineering Work on London Overground This Easter!
20-Mar-2013   MPs & Assembly Members Pressure Government on Electrification
3-Mar-2013   Crushed Rail Passengers Misled by Transport for London (Revised)
28-Feb-2013   Crushed Rail Passengers Misled by Transport for London
21-Jan-2013   Vital Electrification Scheme Falls Into a 5bn Funding Gap!
11-Dec-2012   TFL to Shelter More Newham & Waltham Forest Overground Passengers
16-July-2012   Overground Users Warn Passengers to Avoid Line During Olympics
2-July-2012   Overground Users Warn of All Day Crush During Olympics
8-May-2012   Mayor Urged to Work His Socks Off
3-Apr-2012   Brian Paddick Backs Vital Investment in Local Rail Line
21-Feb-2012   Olympic Pain for no Gain
6-Jan-2012   TfL Fares are Up, Overcrowding Continues
1-Nov-2011   Small Respite for Crushed Commuters!
18-Oct-2010   New Trains on the Barking - Gospel Oak Line
24-Sep-2010   Don't Forget Us, Boris!
15-Feb-2010   London Overground Misery
25-Aug-2009   Take a Day Trip by Train While You Can!
27-Jul-2009   Network Rail Electrification Strategy
17-Jul-2009   Footpath to link two Walthamstow stations
3-Mar-2009   Caroline Pidgeon travels on the BGO line
23-Feb-2009   Replacement Buses
12-Feb-2009   Overground Misery Set to Continue!
30-Apr-2008   Engineering Disruption for London Overground
13-Mar-2008   Fewer Seats on London Overground
27-Dec-2007   Christmas Confusion on London Overground
17-Dec-2007   Festive Season Train Times
30-Nov-2007   Easier Saturday Shopping and Later Nights Out